Guildmasters Alex and Jeff welcome you to Tempest Grove, the Cape Breton faction of live action roleplaying game: Underworld! Come live out wild adventures of fantasy and terror in the woods of Gillis Lake with a town of elves, orcs, dwarves, and a myriad of other fantastical beings. Get your armour on, your swords sharpened, and your spell books bound tight for a weekend of incredibly immersive story telling! If camping isn't for you, we also have Tavern Nights, which are private parties we run once a month in winter and spring. Your first full weekend game with Underworld is always free, and you don't need to worry about putting together an extravagant costume and fancy character right away. You can arrive to your first game without a costume, weapons, or even a name. Our Shapers will help you pick a race, class, and even a simple backstory to get you through the weekend. We can also lend you some weapons. So check our events section or Facebook page for dates, and come on out!


Live Action Roleplaying

Become a character in an immersive world full of interesting people, fantastic stories and exciting events! Build out a costume and an ongoing story for your characters.
Engage your enemies in combat using foam weapons and armour. Cast magic spells and rituals.
Months long story arcs planned out by our shaper team will keep you engaged while you develop your own character as part of a community of friends and foes.
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Incident Report #01

As Recorded by: Gyda Skarstorm On this 24th day of June, 2259 Involved Parties: The Whole of Tempest Grove Petey, Gwendolyn, Bella Description: Another book appeared at the cauldron and sprung to life. We were transported to a place that resembled the Grove but didn’t feel as such. There was a sense of nausea that […]

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The Lore of Tempest Grove

History & Geography Prospero Port Before the autumn of 2258 (I.R.L 2016): Nestled between the northern sea and the Bakuran Mountains on the continent of Maud’Madir, in the world of Arthos, sits a once bustling port city called Prospero Port. Originally named “Prosperous Port” by a rather unimaginative sailor, the accent of the region and […]

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Schedule of Events & Cost

2017 Tavern Night Schedule: January 21st, February 18th, March 18th, April 28th, and May 20th. Tavern Nights run from 7pm to 11pm at The Upstairs Club (44 Ferry St) in the North End of Sydney. It is an actual bar so events are 19+ and ID must be brought to the event. It is 15$ […]

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To put together a place as rich in story as Tempest Grove, it takes the combined effort of our fantastically creative group of Shapers and NPCs. This seasons Shapers are Eoin Morrison, Liam Cuddihy, Zaran Pace, Genaya Fraser, Alexandra Morrison and Jeff Bushnik. Special thanks to Eric Lortie for creating our website!



Writer, LARPer, cosplayer, and artist.
Eric Lortie

Eric Lortie

Likes coding. Is a nerd. Has babies.


Writer, director, musician, and artist.

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