This is a beta. That means it’s incomplete and some functionality may be broken. This is not an official tool to be used in lieu of the Underworld Logistics Database. This tool is not how you unlock your characters. This tool is not how you prelog for an event. This tool being created on a volunteer basis and is not managed or maintained in any official capacity by Underworld LARP or Underworld LARP Tempest Grove. The data used in this tool is based off the most recent Underworld LARP rulebook but some changes may not be immediately implemented here.

If you notice a bug or have a suggestion please email with as much detail as possible. If you’d like to suggest a new image for a race or class please include a link to the image in the bug report. Thank you for your assistance.

In the event of a discrepancy between this tool and what you see anywhere else you should totally trust the other source because this whole thing has been hobbled together by a necromancer fuelled by caffeine in his free time. Always start with the Underworld LARP rulebook!

Like what you see? Awesome! Feel like contributing to the person who created it? Great! There’s a Patreon page. Contributing is not and will never be mandatory.