Radu Spacoyavich
Ajaunti Mercenary
A flamboyant and well-traveled adventurer, swashbuckler, and purveyor of oddities and tales of life on the road.

Radu Spacoyavich is a man who truly knows that life is as fluid as the shifting sands of his homeland. Love is fleeting, loss is constant, and a life is merely one tide in the constant ebb and flow of history. He is not driven by coin nor status, but towards a tomorrow more fruitful than today. Radu collects experiences as a rich man collects coin, for he understands that time is the only currency that genuinely matters.

Radu’s maintains that no future is written, no fate is fixed, and the world is an empty canvas upon which to make his own vibrantly-coloured impression. Radu came to Tempest Grove in the company of his dour best friend, Bergelmir. They have both recently fallen on hard times after laying their trust within the lap of Lady Altissima, who promptly plundered both his and Bergelmir’s life savings. She took their trust, and then their coin, and remains at large while Radu and Bergelmir find themselves broke and pursued within the crossroads of Tempest Grove.

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