Emperiex Greytower
High Elf Mage
An armoured high elf who speaks little and smiles even less, he is an accomplished necromancer for reasons more tragic than malevolent.

Emperiex came to Tempest Grove in late summer of the year of the second expedition. He spoke little and earned the distrust of many residents.

Shortly after arriving, while a group of settlers were attempting to locate a lost item, he chose to demonstrate his proficiency at Necromancy in order to continue the search. He did so with the permission of Countess Xandrielle, though some of the other residents of Tempest Grove were uneasy with this revelation.

Over the coming months he proved himself to be an able combatant, even going so far as to battle 7 armed and armoured members of the Children of the Light to a draw in an arduous battle spanning nearly an hour.

He’s only ever used his necromantic powers on his allies, should they fall in battle, with their permission. The exception to this rule being during the battle with The White Prince, where he fell victim to a hallucinate spell and raised a number of his allies as undead without their permission. The outcome of this event proved catastrophic for a number of residents of the grove and lead to Emperiex retreating from the public eye.

Following the battle with the White Prince he spent the winter months in and out of Prospero, often appearing at the Mermaids Song Tavern but rarely enjoying himself.

In the spring he returned to Tempest Grove as a representative of the Prosperan Mages guild with the goal of establishing a guild in the Grove. He was promoted to the rank of captain in the Merchants Guard, with a focus on discipline, training and the use of magic.

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