Here you'll find a list of all currently listed Tempest Grove characters. This list includes Player Characters and Non-Player Characters.

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Savar'aving Scholar

Master healer, barkeep, and courtesan, Anya is one of the Grove’s most well-known citizens.

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After passing several grueling trials, Avryn became Tempest Grove’s first and only Stalwart – the ultimate defender, a master of the shield. Loyal and brave, but headstrong and sharp tongued, he finds trouble as often as it finds him.

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Einher Mage

A minor Einher noble and the leader of the Grove’s Mage Guild, Bergelmir bucks the viking trend with both formidable magic and a keen intellect. But brooding storm clouds and a tempestuous temper never cease to confound him.

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Human Bard

A bard who does what bards do. Clara is an entertainer, first and foremost, and a traveler second if only to continue to peddle her art and music. Coming from a small town of little reknown, she learned the art of the lute, and pipe and tall tale from a visiting Ajaunti caravan and set out to learn even more from any race or culture she could come across.

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Human Mage

A member of The Collective and keeper of his brothers. He aspires to be the master healer of Tempest Grove.

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Countess Xandrielle
High Elf Druid

A powerful druid and High Elf with much influence in Prospero Port. Charged with the task of reclaiming Tempest Grove, she leads the town and its people with great dignity.

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Dwarf Mercenary

He’s not afraid to help out and get his hands dirty for his friends, but doesn’t always know when to run from a fight. He likes big shields and spends too much time grooming his beard.

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Wood Fae Ranger

As beautiful as she is resourceful, the Mistress of the Grove’s nightlife prides herself on knowing just what any client most desires. But her charming, hospitable exterior hides centuries of secrets.

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Emperiex Greytower
High Elf Mage

An armoured high elf who speaks little and smiles even less, he is an accomplished necromancer for reasons more tragic than malevolent.

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Human Nightblade

Founding member of The Collective and a native of Old Town, Prospero Port. A scout, alchemist, archer, and curmudgeon who solves problems for coin.

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Gyda Skärstrøm
Einher Mercenary

A young Einher woman who came to Tempest Grove with her brother to find their own way. She now seeks to better the place her brother died for.

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Human Mercenary

One of the founding member of The Collective and a native of Old Town, Prospero Port. A blacksmith and mercenary for hire who found himself moving up the ranks of the Merchant Guard to the position of Captain. Hallgrim tends to solve problems more with the swing of his axe then with diplomacy.

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Einher Ranger

Born to be a shieldmaiden and the daughter of a Jarl, Isla Heklasdottir has lived under the weight of expectation for her entire life. No more.

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Einher Templar

MacRaghnall was born to an Ajaunti father and an Einher mother. Mac is an Einher with some Aja flair, so he’s a bit more colourful than most Einher in terms of style. A born nomad, Mac has traveled widely, learning the ways of a Templar. He is new to the region, but has found a warm welcome.

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Marquis Timoran
Human Mage

The eccentric and self-absorbed leader of Prospero Port. Through a conveniently timed intervention of his magic, he managed to save the town and secure an unexpected position as Marquis of the Wizard’s Port.

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Minotaur Mercenary

This formidable warrior has destroyed so many of the undead that he cannot count them. That means there were more than 10.

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Dark Elf Mage

A moody Drael’Thalan who travelled to the Grove in seek of a new mentor, Naïlo is living in bias but doing her best to hate everyone equally.

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Wood Fae Ranger

Haunted by the death of his people and the man who scarred his face, Pili has reluctantly made Tempest Grove his home, vowing to protect the land and weed out the corruption that has taken root there. One of the last of his kind, he bears a heavy weight on his shoulders, for he feels he has something to prove, not only to himself, but to his ancestors and allies alike.

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High Elf Scholar

Countess Xandrielle’s trusty right hand scribe. Despite his timid demeanour, he holds more power than it may seem.

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Wood Fae Mercenary

A highly skilled fighter, this Wood Fae found herself rising in the ranks of the Prospero Guard before being named the Captain of the Guard for Tempest Grove.

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Radu Spacoyavich
Ajaunti Mercenary

A flamboyant and well-traveled adventurer, swashbuckler, and purveyor of oddities and tales of life on the road.

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Remington Peters
Faun Scholar

The cunning and conscientious civilian administrator of Tempest Grove, Magistrate Peters, or Remington to his friends, has served his community since the very early days of resettlement.

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Human Druid

Travelling to Prospero Port only to deliver a message for a friend, but found something more. Rowan was presented the opportunity to start a business. She spends most of her time training employees while her business partner runs the day to day operations.

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Sidney Fairfoot
Hobling Rogue

A skilled inventor with a penchant for traps, machines, and having a good time.

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Straxx Blackrock
Human Rogue

As a crew member of Falko’s Pride, Straxx found himself stranded with his crew in Prospero Port. Now working as a mercenary under his captain Droc Falko, this crass and unsavory jack tar is now game for just about anything that gets he and his mates back on the seas.

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Wild Elf Ranger

A ranger, mercenary and destroyer of the undead, the sharp-eyed elf has come to Tempest Grove in search of answers, but has found unlikely allies and enemies in the process.

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Einher Warrior

Thoroar is an Einher mercenary traveling alongside Arviel. Growing up in a small human villlage, he’s out of touch with his heritage. He journeyed to Tempest Grove looking for a good fight, and hoping to learn about his culture from the local Einher.

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