Children of Light

The Children of Light have been in the Bakuran mountain area for several human generations. They are strong, capable, possess a stout fortress, and their martial might has proved impervious to the many horrors of the cursed woods near Tempest Grove. Why, then, does the Prospero Port government call upon them for aid?

Extolling a particularly strident and fundamentalist view, the Children reject the Gods in favour of an abstraction of “Light” itself, and seek to “cleanse” the unholy woods around Tempest Grove. However, it is not only the demonic they destroy, but anything they consider apostate, heretical or darkly aligned.

Though they stay relatively far from the perceived decadence of Prospero city proper, the Children keep themselves busy with the demons inhabiting the cursed mountain woods. Sharing the woods with the denizens of Tempest Grove has caused many problems, and their conflicts with the Grove have been numerous, resulting in loss of life on both sides.

Their leadership remains obscure, but they appear to be led by the Knight Amdusias, a mysterious fanatic who personally oversees every individual “cleansing” of what the Children perceive as unclean.