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    Berglemir sits in a wing backed chair, facing a large wooden desk covered in various books, vials, and jars. Despite the menagerie, everything seems to be meticulously organized. The colours of the room are all within the cool palette, with an array of silver and grey accents. The office is the size of a small tavern and the walls are lined with two stacks of filled shelves, divided by a narrow balcony with several rolling ladders attached. Really, too many.

    On the other side of the desk, a pretty blue Draconian woman sits with a proud posture as she looks him over. Her horns have a gradient of blues and curl up towards the sky. “My secretary says you are here to discuss something with regards to the Mage’s Guild of Tempest Grove, is that correct?”

    Guildmaster of Tempest Grove with Jeff Bushnik
    Main Character: Countess Xandrielle, Leader of the Grove

    Contact via TG Chat or FB Chat for personal RPs.


    Bergelmir collects his thoughts in a slow exhalation. Usually, Northmen this far into the inner sanctum of a rich mage guild would mean ruin. In Bergelmir’s case, it is only his imagination raiding the bookshelves, and his appetite for secrets pillaging the brightly-coloured bottles and arcane relics scattered throughout the venerable mage’s office. Aspiration stirs in the young Einher.

    “I was sent on behalf of my superior… Emperiex Greytower. I was his… apprentice” he bitterly invokes the vernacular of a mage guild, forcing out the word. “He wished to expand the relationship between the mages of Tempest Grove… what few we may be… and those of the port. He did this, but then he died.”

    He raises a crinkled parchment missive. “I’ve only just received word. The most powerful of our wizards… slain by the fiend, Zier. And while I had come to request your further aid in our unending battle against Zier, I am instead obliged to report to you that our nascent Arcane Society may have been snuffed out as quickly as it came into being.”

    It's just a passing phase, said the fox - he was being skinned.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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