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    **I had a towel over one of my shoulders and my hands wrist deep in warm water. Keeping my art of being a taverns hostess and prep cook and waitress skills sharply honed.

    At the momment I finished the dishes and then wiped up some tables id be off soon to the cottage I stayed in to study some more before bed.

    Some of the workers doing the renovations resting after a long days work. I worried about Savie never had I seen her so angry.

    Seeing the wolven covered in privy contents however brought yet another chuckle to my lips at the memory of it. A clear reminder to never walk about like your shit don’t stink.

    Before long I was finished up and headed to my cottage. Mayhap just an early sleep instead of studies this evening.**

    " It was the worst thing I ever put into my mouth for free! So now I charge Double!"

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