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    Alsy silent eyes
    alsy silent eyes

    *alsy puts down the last long on the cauldron*

    she has been at it most of the morning building the base for a long hot fire.
    a tower of wood, the remains of Emperiex Greytower wrapped in a white sheet lays atop.

    *alsy takes a moment and admires her handywork*

    not used to working without her full crematorium in prospero shes is proud of her work.

    *alsy picks up a lit torch stuck in the ground and bring it to the cauldron.*

    “ashes to ashes” she says quietly to herself

    *alsy places the lit torch into the tower of logs*

    “dust to dust. may your soul find peace” again saying quietly to herself

    as the tower of wood catches the flame spreads quickly.
    soon the cauldron is a spectacular display of flame.
    the pungent smell of dead flesh burning quickly fills the air around the cauldron. alsy used to the smell is un moved.
    she stands stock still, starring at the flame clutching a small urn in her arms.


    Pili watches the precedings silently from atop the hill, the pyre beginning to consume what is left of the necromancer. He remembers the horror of what he saw.. his body sundered by the demon Zier, and his soul torn form his breast. He sighs heavily, and steps down to meet Alsy at he pyre.

    “I had no love for you in life, elf. I felt you a plague on the good people of this place, and a curse for those who had passed. But passing in such a way… no one deserves such a grim fate.”

    He picks up a handful of wet earth and tosses it onto the pile.

    “You were as stubborn as you were wise. May you find peace in another life, Emperiex Greytower.”

    He mutters a small prayer to Sybil, pulls up his hood, and walks into the forest.

    Alsy silent eyes
    alsy silent eyes

    after a few hours of hot roaring fire the cauldron has cooled to a a few coals but mostly ash. the smell of burning flesh has dissipated as the fats in the tissue burned off.
    there is nothing left of Emperiax greytower but a few handfuls of chalky white ash.

    *alsy takes a small scoop and begins to shovel the ashes into the urn*

    after she has collected as much ash as she could scoop up. she seals the urn and alsy took a second to take a deep breath. she holds the urn tight, does an about face on her heals and make tracks for prospero port. her head hung in mourning for someone she knew.


    After the service, Bergelmir appears from the underbrush, having hung back long enough not to be obliged to do or say any particular thing.

    “You wrote me into your will. Then you sent me to Prospero knowing that things were heating up here” he says, to the charred pile of stones that comprise the cauldron’s firepit. “And then you died.”

    From his pocket, Bergelmir summons forth a rolled brown tube of smoking herbs, which he lights from the dying embers of the funeral pyre, and then inhales a generous haul. Jets of acrid smoke stream from his nostrils.

    Then he wheezes, banishing the cool, composed image. “Kamphundr. It is a wonder you didn’t die sooner, smoking this shit.” He spits, symbolically at the very least, and tosses the thing into the charred remains.

    “Why would you leave the guild to me? You didn’t like me. And I certainly did not like you.”

    “And if you think this mysterious final gesture makes you seem any more impressive, enigmatic, wise…” the tone of his voice rises, the pace begins to gallop in a solitary ranting timbre. “… if you think it’s going to make me follow your final wishes… That I give a shit about your legacy… ”

    The longest time passes. An expression of grim realization visits the face of the northman, who furrows his brow in a gesture of resignation.


    Bergelmir turns, and stomps toward the Mage Guild with Emperiex’ staff in hand.

    It's just a passing phase, said the fox - he was being skinned.

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