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    Alsy silent eyes
    alsy silent eyes

    Alsy packs the last of her gear from the repository. Taking a moment she looks around for anything she may have missed.

    Noticing her crystal ball and all of its green swirls on the table she goes to retrieve it.

    Holding it up to have a peek into the dead lands she smiles. It takes a mystic a lot of Effort to create one of these little bubbles in the veil. She was proud of it.

    Alsys mind wonders back to all Hallows when something truly amazing happened in this space. A person, there soul was brought back to life. Fused with there mortal self again. Here, right here in this space. With the help of a very special orb.

    Alsy was dumbfounded by that little orange orb and the power it held. She wants to learn more about it. But she’s also afraid of what it can do.

    Alsy coming back to her senses lowers her crystal ball. With a deep breath, and a flick of her fingers her crystal ball changes color from a bright vibrant green to a soft sombre orange.

    She brings it back up to inspect it. Seeming to fall into a trance as she stares Into the void.

    A smile indicates she’s happy with the change and she packs her crystal ball with the rest of her supplies.

    Tugging on her cart she begins to bring her things to port. Before she leaves alsy ties a note to a tree near the repository

    “Wayward spirits I apologise but I must leave for a time. My mortal binds do not acclimate to the colds very well. So I must seek shelter off the mountain.

    I promise my return in the warming of the spring. There is still much work to do any many of you to help.

    Please forgive me. -alsy silent eyes”

    With a quick glance around and seeing no obvious signs of disturbance. Alsy makes tracks for prospero.

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