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    Alsy silent eyes
    alsy silent eyes

    *alsy steps out of the bakery a large plate of warm cookies in hand*

    humming a merry tun, she begins her rounds. giving a treat to anyone who needs one.

    but first she needs to make a yearly stop at one house to help keep a promise.

    *alsy steps up on the porch of a home still wrapped in scaffolds. clearly lagging behind on the repairs from the attack months earlier*

    *alsy nocks on the door. *

    a middle aged mother opens the door, her face dirty and tired. it takes the mother a moment to realize who was at her door, but with a click of her memory she grows a warm smile

    *alsy smiles back and gestures to the plate of still steaming cookies she is holding*

    “kids! come down! theres a special guest for you at the door”

    with a crash a thud and a bang two small kids about the age of 10 came rushing around the corner and sprinted for the front door. catching wiff of the fresh cookies the children cheer in this small bounty.

    with the kids happily nibbling on there treats the mother gestures to take one for herself. alsy gladly obliges and offers the plate to her.

    “thank you again alsy. you know you dont have to do this every year for us?”

    *alsy waves her hands in a dismissive gesture*

    “well were still very grateful. you know child its odd. my husband used to bake us high winter cookies until….well….but you seemed to pick up right where he left off years ago”

    *alsy shrugs and shakes her head with a smile. she curtsies slightly and leans to the left peering over the mothers shoulders*

    down the hall in a translucent blue stands a middle age man in his apron, holding a tray of fresh cookies. the specter smiles and waves at alsy.

    *righting herself alsy gives the mother a final nod before stepping down and making tracks for other people in need.

    “thank you again dear!” the mother says waving to alsy.

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