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    Hello my sweets~

    OOG: My name is Morgan, Mo to those who are close, MoMo to those even closer.
    I consider myself to be very friendly, and fun loving. So lets have some fun !

    IG: You may call me Naïlo unless by some chance of luck you get the privilege of calling my otherwise.
    A young Dark Elf Although, I wouldn’t call her that to her face. Nailo is rather… uptight. Kind of bitchy, really. But she does take fondness to some people.
    A newer advancent: Nailo is trying to get alomg better with humans ! Oh what fun.
    We’ll see anyway.

    >>Also have a new character in the works, he will be VERY fun.

    Naïlo, Healer apprentice (Morgan)


    Hey guys!

    My name is Avery Varnes and I hail from North Sydney, NS. I’m 22, a fresh grad from NSCC’s Advanced Public Relations Program and currently employed at the Highland Village Museum.

    In game, my character is Avryn Thatcher, a young human mercenary from Lysilia Valley, near the coast of Berphaunt. Escaping an arranged marriage to the psychotic daughter of the town’s butcher, Avryn joined the Elderwood Dogs, a small but respectful mercenary army. After several months of traveling with the Elderwood Dogs, Avryn finds himself in the wrong bed after celebrating a successful mission – Avryn unknowingly beds the wife-to-be of a prominent nobleman and is caught in the act. Fleeing from the city guard and unwillingly separated from his new family, Avryn makes his way north and finds work escorting Lusa Resh, the Master Healer of Prospero Port, to Tempest Grove. Avryn decides to stay in Tempest Groves after Holki, a resident of the town, shows him kindness and camaraderie. Holki’s untimely death shook Avryn – now fully realizing how much danger Tempest Grove would face, Avryn has pledged to keep his new home safe from whatever dangers may come.

    Loud, brash, and brimming with of quips and barbs, Avryn is immensely loyal to who he calls friends and will defend them ferociously. Though young and a bit naive, Avryn is quick to learn. Bearing a sword and shield, he never leaves the battlefield without his trademark smirk.


    Avyrn Thatcher

    (AKA Avery Varnes)


    Hello All,

    My name is Crystal, I know a few people from LARP outside of the game for a long time and am very excited to join the game. I’m a mother of two teenagers and work as a Manager for Rogers in at Soundafex.

    I play a wood fae Ranger named Eimear. She is still trying to find herself and likes adventure most recently has joined the merchants guild to open the companions guild in tempest grove.


    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Kyle Brunton a Underworld player from Ontario come to join your guild for the next while. I am a Game Development Graduate and I moved here with another Onatrio player Named Scott Tillart who is working here as IT for a company that hosts servers for E-Sports competition’s.

    We both look forward greatly to getting to know all of you and hope we can all have a great experience RPing togeather!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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