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    Alsy silent eyes
    alsy silent eyes

    Alsy sits by the fire stoking the flame underneath her skillet. As the flames gulf the oil in the pan boils and the potato’s cook. Soon to be delicious high elf fries.

    A seemingly permanent smile persists on her face as she reminisces about her first all hallows outside of Prospero.

    Between the spirts she helped, tayliss seeing the error of her ways and meeting the orb of mysticism, if only for a moment. It was truly an all Hallows to remember.

    She sighs, wishing she could have spent more time around the orb, its rare to see things of mystical power. Let alone stronger than she was. She had questions for the orb but just wanted to marvel at it more than anything.

    Pulling the last of the fries out of the skillet she inspects them for ideal color and crunch. Satisfied she places all the finnished fries into a bowl.

    She tosses them with seasoning as she begins to walk around with the bowl offering fresh hot food to anyone who wants any on these cold bitting nights.

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