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    Alsy silent eyes
    alsy silent eyes

    Alsy pins an advertisement on the local bulletin board. She gives it a solid look over for spelling before walking away.

    The advertisement reads

    “Personal guard wanted

    Looking for a personal guard to assist with dangerous situations within the grove.

    Low maintenance position-respond quickly to distress wistles and keep me safe during tense situations-other than that you are free to do as you wish.

    Literacy an asset

    Pay starts at 3 silver a fortnight with room for advacement.

    If interested I can be found around town.



    Strolling through the bazaar, Pili sees Alsy leaving, walking off up the hill. Pausing a moment, he strides over and takes a look.

    “Hmm..a bodyguard?

    He peels down the notice, reading it over in further detail. He turns his gaze over his shoulder, seeing if Alsy is still in sight.

    “Well, I could use some extra silver..”

    Pinning it back onto the board, he follows the mute up the hill.

    Alsy silent eyes
    alsy silent eyes

    alsy proceeded to fade into the woods in her silent way. all is still in the forest, she had seemed to disappear.

    a quiet whistle can be heard from further into the woods as she continues work on her new project.

    suddenly a loud crack of a hammer hitting a nail echos through the Forrest, disturbing nesting birds and sending them into flight.

    a moment later the bang of the hammer can be heard in rapid succession.

    alsy could be heard as she raised the new wall frame.

    with a satisfied exhale she continued to hum the tune she was whistling earlier sometimes breaking into lyrics as she assumed no one was watching

    “sing me your song,
    of a lass that is gone.
    say could that lass, be I?
    marry your soul she sailed on the day.
    over the sea to sky”

    she delved back into a simple hum for fear of someone hearing her.


    moves from inside the Mages Guild to see the happenings at the Notice Board

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