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    A timeline of the last 9, highly eventful days in the Grove…

    Friday, June 20th (*First Friday OOG*) The people of the Grove return home. Sponsored by Tamed Lands, a frontier trading company, and accompanied by a mysterious bird-faced figure in black, the citizens of Tempest Grove make the journey through the mountain pass on a cold, rainy Friday. When they arrive they discover their site overrun by their old adversaries The Children of the Light, a fanatical cult of light worshippers. The Children, under the fanatical Knight Amdusias, have subjected the countryside to a purge, arresting and executing dark followers, nontheists, and anyone they perceive as heretics. When the Grove refuses to play along, violence erupts. At the same time, demons appear (The Remnants of Zier) and offer their assistance.

    Saturday, June 21st The Grove meets Gavrilo of the Ruscelli Wild Elf tribe, a heretofore uncontacted people who oppose outsiders in their sacred marshes. Tamed Lands, led by the taciturn Ineri Voss, furnish the Grove with supplies and weapons for the fight against the Children. That night, the Children reveal their secret; they have courted the arrival of the Mortigeist all along. The Mortigeist attacks and the Children of the Light aid him, but he slaughters them just as readily as the Grove, resulting in near-disaster for both sides.

    Sunday, June 22nd In the aftermath of the Mortigeist attack, The Grove attacks the fortress of the Children of the Light, and destroys their mighty golem defenders. The bird-faced one interrupts the battle to keenly inspect the Mother Seed, a mysteriopens artifact held by Arivel. With a strange ritual, he/it opens numerous portals to the fae realm, and strange music is heard all over the Grove. As the defenders return to their town, they find many structures have been built in their absence by unseen hands. What’s more, many of the citizens report being fairy-led by strange lights, waylaying them for sometimes hours in the swamp or the deep woods. The Grove has never looked prettier.
    Peace is short lived; that night (*Start of Event 2*) word spreads that the necromantic cult Dearhaegal has begun to attack nearby farms and villages, swelling their numbers by hiring ruthless bandits, and reanimating the fallen innocents.

    Monday, June 23rd With the support of the Grove, Gavrilo narrowly defeats his rival, Schebetta, in a duel. He becomes chieftain of the Ruscellis, and promises to cure Frug using the best of the tribe’s ritual magic. Dearhaegal attacks Tempest Grove directly, with corpses reanimated by high-level necromancy. At the same time, a deadly plague appears in the countryside, but is eradicated by mysterious, cloaked beings.

    Tuesday, June 24th Dearhaegal is at last defeated by the Grove in a pitched battle. Frug is found mistakenly imprisoned in the travelling carnival of the Hunter’s Society. Ineri Voss of Tamed Lands warns the Grove to get back on-track; enforce the laws and defend the trade routes at all costs. The faerie Spring Court appears, led by the charismatic and insane King of Springtime, bringing with him the rapid restoration of the forest. However, the latent corruption of the Grove, itself a problem since the first year of resettlement, grows strong as well.

    Wednesday, June 25th The Spring King starts interfering with trade caravans. His influence foments lawlessness and wild abandon in the Grove. Corruption begins to take shape, consuming plants and animals, which return as twisted and malevolent copies. The Grove is dogged by its constant attacks, while at the same time reports arrive of Tamed Lands caravans going missing or captured by stealthy assailants. The Remnants of Zier summon their apparent spokesdemon, Scoria.

    Thursday, June 26th Gavrilo and Frug visit the deadlands in a rare and forbidden ritual, and Frug is restored to true life. The Spring King’s depredations grow more malevolent, as several people die from his twisted games. Waves of malevolence rise and grow as the Corruption takes more complex forms. Eventually, it progresses enough to consume sentient humanoids and turn them on the Grove.

    Friday, June 27th – The corruption is rapidly evolving, learning from its attacks, and things are getting very bad. Gwyllion, a diminuitive pixie, is enraged when she receives, and then shortly thereafter loses, the Mother Seed. That night, the Brewlords arrive to great fanfare, but find the corruption running rampant. The Grove is in a losing battle against a learning, growing, and evil forest. Scoria offers help. Captain Alcides of Tamed Lands issues a reminder that the Wild Elves are nothing more than narrow-minded bandits. Sidney Fairfoot tries to lift some spirits by celebrating Finders Day.

    Saturday, June 28th The Spring King is waning in power but still causing great chaos. The Grove has descended into lawlessness, and the Red Ravens arrive to bring the hammer down. As the three sides, the Grove, the Ravens, and the Corruption prepare to converge in a climactic confrontation, fife and drums herald the coming of the Summer King, who promptly kills the Spring King, the Red Ravens, and anyone in his way. The Summer King lends his troops and tactics to the Grove who, with precision strikes, quickly beat the Corruption into an apparent full remission.

    Sunday, June 29th The Summer Court finds the Grove idle, and so prepares numerous challenges for them, fighting dangerous beasts and exposing themselves to great danger. His courtier, the Green Warden, gives battle to any who dare face him – those touched by corruption are cleansed when merely touched by the Warden. In the end, the Summer King announces he will return in 7 weeks, and that they had better be ready for him


    With a series of pitched battles, the Grove has won a respite. The Children of the Light have fallen. Weeks have passed since anyone has seen any evidence of the corruption. As for the fae, there has been little activity, though the fairy lights and faintly shimmering portals are still visible. While the Summer Court is nowhere to be found, from time to time the Green Warden stands sentinel at the edge of the Grove, though it is difficult to tell whether he is defending the Grove from the forest, or the forest from the Grove. And every so often someone catches a glimpse of a dancing ring of lights.
    Though the forest has never been more verdant, a heatwave has gripped the region, making it insufferably humid and hot. Some deaths have been reported as far out as Prospero Port and Darkholme, with servants collapsing from heat exhaustion, and elderly people succumbing to the suffocating temperatures in their own homes.
    Provisions are spare. The trade route has undergone a downturn of late, with stories of heightened security and search and seizure in the Grove spreading among the merchants in the port. Many caravans have instead attempted the woods, and never returned to tell the tale of their failure.
    Occasionally, a Tamed Lands caravan arrives in the Grove, bringing desperately needed food and supplies. The drivers say little and seem all too anxious to get back to the Port. Some report continued attacks by stealthy assailants with deadly arrows, though citizens of the Grove come and go on the roads without trouble. Rumour has it that the Red Ravens, and the rest of the Port authorities, besides, find this curious and troubling.

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