Getting Started

So you’re ready to take the plunge. You’ve working on your costume! You’re sharpening up your backstory! You’re waiting for your weapon in the mail!

This page will guide you through the simple steps to character creation. First, a few distinctions!

LIVE ACTION ROLEPLAY is a rapidly growing social phenomenon, running the gamut from high energy combat games to the subtle intrigues of “parlor LARP”.

Underworld LARP is a national franchise and rules system. Rapidly growing, Underworld offers a fast-paced and high-stakes, and entirely adults only (18+) combat LARP game, set in a dangerous and grim fantasy world full of dark imagery and horror

Tempest Grove is Underworld’s Cape Breton chapter. One of the newest members of the Underworld family, Tempest Grove offers an exciting LARPing opportunity right here in our own backyard.

STEP 1: Create an Account!

  • To start you on your journey, your first step will be to register the basic details of your character with us. Use for ease! You’ll be simultaneously creating your personal Underworld LARP account in the process, which you’ll use to receive rewards for attending games, and update your characters as they grow.
  • While some details need to be included such as Name, Race and Class, this is not your permanent character “card” – we know you’re still getting used to the game, and don’t expect every detail to be nailed down just yet. In fact, you’ll have an opportunity to rebuild your character from the bottom up between your first and second game!

STEP 2: Unlock Your Character

  • Your account’s been created, and your character is in the database. That means you’re ready to play! However, a big part of LARP is watching your character grow. Every time you play you’ll get a reward of Character Points (called a “Blanket”) and spending those points is what makes your character grow.
  • To be able to spend these points, you’ll need to unlock your account for editing. Simply send the unlocking fee (a one-time-per-character cost of $15) to Underworld Canada via email money transfer, at

STEP 3: Register for an Event at Tempest Grove

  • In the week leading up to one of our full events, you’ll hear from us that “Pre-registration is Open”. Huh?
    • Pre-registration (sometimes called “Pre-log”) means the period leading up to a game that allows players to log into their UW accounts and make changes to their character card… adding “Character Points” to their characters, and then spending those Character Points on new abilities and powers.
    • Simply visit to log in, and click “Preregistration”. You’ll choose “Tempest Grove” and then the event you’re preregistering for, and when you hit “Submit” it’ll let us know that you’re coming! We’ll print off a copy of your character card and have it ready for you when you arrive – it’ll be a handy reference for which abilities you can use.
    • While preregistering makes things a little easier, it’s not mandatory. If pre-log is closed by the time you decide you’re coming, don’t worry – we can handle everything even if you just show up.

STEP 4: Pay for an Event

  • The best way to pay for events is to both preregister, and pay via email transfer to
  • Paying this way keeps your cost down to only $40 for an entire weekend of LARP!
  • Included in this cost is also the reward (or “blanket”) of Character Points that you’ll receive after the game is over, and can be used to grow your character in the future!
  • You can also pay at the event without preregistering, at a cost of $50 (cash only please!), with preregistering at a cost of $45

STEP 5: Attend!

  • Tempest Grove hosts all sorts of events – roleplay-heavy tavern nights, fast-paced and fun indoor Dungeon Crawls, and of course our main event, full combat weekends.
  • Weekend events are camping events. Your camp fee is included in your event cost however don’t forget your tent, sleeping bag, and ample supplies of warm clothing, food and anything else you might need for Cape Breton camping! A limited meal plan is available for a small additional cost.
  • Our site is secluded and serene, and as such, has no civic address
    • Follow Google to 1236 Gillis Lake Rd, Gillis Lake, NS
    • Turn left at intersection onto Beechmont Rd
    • Continue approx 0.7 km. Location will be on your left with signage. Park on road.
  • Players typically arrive at 5-6 to begin setting camp and hanging out.
  • Games start promptly at 9PM, with “shapers” (gamerunners) calling “GAME ON!” After this point, it’s in-character ONLY until Sunday at noon.
  • For New Players on their first weekend, we recommend arriving no later than 8:00 to give you ample time to get oriented.