Incident Report #01

As Recorded by: Gyda Skarstorm
On this 24th day of June, 2259

Involved Parties: The Whole of Tempest Grove
Petey, Gwendolyn, Bella

Another book appeared at the cauldron and sprung to life. We were transported to a place that resembled the Grove but didn’t feel as such. There was a sense of nausea that consumed us when the transition took place. In this other place we were approached by a creature named Petey who was looking for his love Gwen. He described her as the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. She had been taken by ‘Villains’. Petey lead us to Gwen who was being held by frog creatures. Gwen also, had a sprite or pixie with her (Bella). After the Fight, a lizard-man pirate came out of nowhere screaming at Petey. Suddenly we felt nauseous again as we exited the book.

After saving Gwen, we were returned to the Grove.

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