The Red Ravens – A Mercenary Band currently in service of Prospero Port as their primary guard

Children of Light – A group of zealots that worship an abstract representation of Light magic. They reside in the woods near Tempest Grove.

Prosperan City Council – the ruling body of Prospero Port. Most acclaimed, a few voted, they rule as a council of 8 and serve the Lordmayor.

The Conclave – the intercontinental and pre-eminent Mage Guild of this world. The Prosperan Mages Guild is their local branch.

Tamed Lands, Incorporated – a mercantile venture company concerned with preparing new and dangerous places for settlement and trade.

Ruscelli Tribe – a highly aloof, previously uncontacted group of Wild Elves living in the deepest marshes near Tempest Grove. Recent events have driven them out into the open.